The Road Less Traveled…

Some of the best advice my parents have given me is to always try to look at the road less traveled. At almost 22 now, I can absolutely see where they’re coming from.

It’s been a couple months since I graduated from Curry College and received my B.S in Community Health. Since then, life has taken so many different twists and turns. I’m beginning to learn that this is ok. Things are just happening the way God intended them to (I’ve taken to reading and studying my Bible more)!

Here’s something kinda cool that happened yesterday. We had Chinese food for dinner, and you just gotta love those fortune cookies 😊. I broke mine open and the fortune said – “the current year will bring you much happiness”. I couldn’t help but think that such a small thing actually gave me the reassurance that I needed!

It’s through all of this that I have also come to the realization that anxiety and depression is real, folks. I know I’ve talked just a bit about it before, but it’s even more relevant now. I’ve just worked on trying to find different ways to cope with and get past that wall. I’ve realized that although graduating was a somewhat scary thing for me, going into the unknown can lead to amazing new discoveries!

I’ll fill you in. I’ve decided to continue my education sooner rather than later. I will be starting online classes in the fall at WCSU to receive a Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis! It will put me on the path to working in behavioral studies; this could possibly be with children diagnosed with disorders such as Autism. Although I didn’t think something like this was in the cards, I’m very excited and can’t wait to start this new journey. Please feel free to ask for more info. ❤

I’m certainly going to keep this advice from family and friends in my back pocket, and I hope you can learn from it too. Never be afraid to step outside the box and just go with the flow. Take that road less traveled. You’ll be just fine. 😊

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