7 themes for 2017

..Hey all! I hope everybody’s been doing well. I wanted to take some time and share some ideas for a new outlook or perspective on things in the new year. Here are seven themes for 2017:

1 – Health.
2 – Love.
3 – Faith.
4 – Hope.
5 – Confidence.
6 – Patience.
7 – Last but not least, always choose happiness.

These are all pretty common I know, but why not take the time to focus on one or two that you wouldn’t normally think about? I’ll tell you what I’ll be focusing on. Along with health, I want to focus more on hope and faith. Upon my college graduation this year, I’ll keep the hope that everything will happen as it does for a reason. Everything will happen on its own time, and for the best. I’ll also work to have more faith in myself as life unfolds. 💜

No matter what you choose to focus on, just remember that absolutely anything is possible if you put your mind to it. You have a whole clean slate to work with now. 😊

Have an amazing start to the new year everybody. I look forward to continuing on and seeing what exciting things are in store!

Much love,


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