..an Incredible Machine

…just sitting here thinking about life and how crazy it’s been lately. I’m already almost through with the first semester of senior year! I also wanted to share a little bit about what I’ve learned over the past couple days.

Sometimes I think we really do forget to be in the moment. We forget that our minds are like an incredible machine. Whether you know it or not, you have the power to stop and say “ok. I need to be right here. Right now”. Last year, I took a course on this concept about stress and mindfulness as well.wp-1478533659733.jpg

It’s ok to have your moment of “aw, man..this is ridiculous! This absolutely sucks”, but as that saying goes, don’t unpack and live there! Dust yourself off, and get a move on.

I was at an RA conference last weekend and listened to a talk on mental health and self-care. It made me decide on a couple of things. If you’ve seen my instagram, you’ll notice that I like a lot of photography. I want to get back into doing some of that. It’s so relaxing and takes my mind off a lot! I also want to read more (who saw that coming? 😁). I’ll even take trips to the mall myself to get a mani-pedi in my favorite salon. Not only do I want to do those things, but I want to continue to laugh and smile more. I think it’s so important to embrace life, and just kind of go with the flow. Don’t ever forget to show that love and appreciation for everything around you. Take notice of the things that make you happy, and be aware of the things that bring on negative energy. Those aren’t cool. Trust me, it’ll change your attitude completely.

Remember that life happens, and you just have to do the best you can to work with what you’ve got. I find that writing these things out helps me so much, so I hope it helps you guys too! I’m always available to offer a listening ear or helping hand if you’re struggling with anything at all. No matter what, spreading that love and positivity is something we can all do each and every day too.

As always,

Stay happy. Stay healthy. Stay mindful. ❤

Xoxo – Coll