Keep it simple. Keep it real. 

Hey friends; I’m back! It’s been so long and I thought I’d do my best to update you on wp-image-1652960965jpg.jpgwhat’s been happenin’ lately.

It’s been a very busy yet fun start to a new school year. I’m loving my new spot in my RA position, and classes are great! I also just turned the big 2-1 (finally 😅). So far, this new chapter has put a lot of new things into perspective for me.

Sometimes, people are going to underestimate you. They’ll make you feel as though you aren’t as strong-willed or intelligent as you think you are. Yup. Crazy I know. I say this because sometimes I do feel as though I’m held back from being who I am and doing what I want to do. However, I have learned that in order to fix that, expressing myself differently can be key. I don’t always mean learning to say yes and no. What I mean is that you can take everything you’re given in your life, and not be bothered by what others will think about those choices you’ve made. It really isn’t such a bad thing to take the hand you’ve been dealt and play it as you see fit!

My awesome boss at my school’s library also mentions this from time to time – if you’re NOT making mistakes or screwing up every once in a while – you’re not getting anything done! She also knows the importance of keeping things independent – making sure you know enough to handle certain things on your own. Now that certainly sounds exactly like how I think we should all try to live life. 😁 😉

Here’s what it all comes down to. TS or not, you ARE always tough enough. You CAN handle anything that comes at you in every second of every day. If you have to cry just cry, and once you let it out, let it go. Prepare yourself to move on. After all, it’s not always so healthy to live in the past either. Don’t tear yourself apart over anything that you have no control over, and just continue to be who and what it is that you want to. I remind myself of these things every single day.

Keep it simple, and keep it real.

Xoxo – Coll


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