What you feel is what you are…

…and what you are is beautiful. These are just words from a little something I thought I’d share with you today.

During my freshman year of college the club I’m so fortunate to be a part of, Curry H.I.P.S (health, image, power, success), did a project called Operation Beautiful. The whole idea behind this was for members of this club to go around unnoticed and leave notes or encouraging words and quotes for students to see (so it wasn’t until later they’d find out it was us 😆). I really enjoyed this project, and here’s why.

It was so neat to see everyone walking around wondering who was leaving these messages. Most said how reading them just made their day so much better. I’m all about spreading the happiness and positivity around. I say all the time that I just don’t see the point in negativity! 😊

I also wanted to tie this in again with the body image issues that can come with having TS. I do feel it’s important to talk about these a lot as it’s something I see everyday. Not only should you learn to love yourself as a person because let’s face it, you are awesome and you and I both know it, but learn to love and accept your appearance too. I mean honestly, I have the droopy eyelids, and there’s even a little bit of scarring on my back from a mole I had to have removed. I don’t mind these things at all, because they’re what makes me, ME.

So, please stop beating yourself up over those things. Be proud of, and accept every single one of your flaws. Remember that there isn’t anyone else like you, and that’s what makes you, YOU! ❤


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