Forever daddy’s little girl…

Father’s Day is tomorrow, and I wasn’t going to let it pass without more appreciation for mine.


I’m extremely close to my mom for many reasons, but growing up I was always known as the “daddy’s girl” in the family. No matter what, you’d probably find the two of us getting into some sort of trouble. I can remember one summer watching the CMT Music Awards like we always do. He spontaneously ordered a full pizza at 8:30pm, when we’d already had our real dinner!  There was also the summer he came home from work one day with one of those blue Intex pools to have in the backyard. That gave  us hours upon hours of fun, and it’s just little memories like that I’ll always be glad to have. 😊


My dad’s always been around for the countless surgeries and doctor’s appointments, too. I’ll never forget how he would sit in the room with me and my mom waiting for the doctor, and play with the garbage can as if Oscar from Sesame Street lived in it! 😂 I still have a little stuffed bear he bought me after one of my surgeries. It’s white with gold angel wings on it, and when you press its belly it says “I’m your guardian angel; I’m your special friend!”.  He sure knew how to make me laugh when I was scared or cheer me up when I was sad.image

To this day, dad still does the best he can for me, my brother, and sister. Sometimes it’s rough, yet he still manages to pull through. No matter what, I can say I’m pretty lucky. 😊


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