imagethat’s a word I’d use to describe myself. It’s taken me forever to realize this, but I’ve had a lot of growing up to do and can definitely see it in my personality.


When I was younger, I could never get myself to step out of that box. I guess it was always thought that there would be some sort of limit on me and what I could and couldn’t do. I can’t tell you how many times I used to hear things like “oh, she’s too short” or “oh, she just won’t see it that way; it’ll take her a while.”

It’s situations like that in which I would always feel the need to prove people wrong. To this day, I still feel the same, but for different reasons.

wp-1465863761991.jpgHaving Turner’s syndrome has shown me time and time again that although some things in life are made more difficult because of it, I can’t let it all scare me. My mom’s the one who came up with the whole “living in a box” thing, and I couldn’t agree more ūüėä. I do hope younger TS gals can use that as a new skill. It’s important for everyone to learn, ¬†really. Don’t live life scared for the future is what it means. Focus on life now, and take everything as it comes. There’s a certain strength in believing that whatever happens happens for a reason.

I tend to think you’re fearless when you recognize why you should be scared of things, but do them anyway. ~ ¬†Christian Bale ‚̧



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