“You’ve got wings. Now fly.”

….and fly I did! I know everybody’s got their own opinions, but I love the butterfly as a symbol for TS.

For me, it’s a symbol of strength. It symbolizes being able to stand out on my own, following my own heart and taking life as it comes at me, in both the good and bad.

Yes, I know it all sounds crazy, but once I knew about the butterfly as the symbol, it took on that whole new meaning for me.

I hope to carry this message, or theme, with me everywhere in life. After all, I just think it fits my personality and life story very well! I’ve learned to “spread my wings” if you will, and bring out a piece of me that I never thought I’d let so many people see. It’s meant a lot to me that I’ve been able to have these experiences and new encounters. I’ve learned so much and am so honored to pass it along as I continue on this absolutely insane, beautiful ride I call life. I started so many years ago, and it’s blown me away to have come this far. You can bet I’m not letting go anytime soon. 😊

My thoughts here? Find your own symbol, or meaning, and bring it out there! Use it as a way of carrying you through your own struggles or difficulties. It doesn’t even have to be an animal or object. It can be a person, too. This is also what’s helped me look at life on a different level, and I’m forever appreciative. ❤


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